Volunteer Declaration

The Shirdi Sai Sansthan Melbourne Inc. Committee has discussed and structuring a code of conduct for the volunteers in order to give their best service to our beloved Baba and his devotees who come to the temple, Chawadi and Dwarkamaiin searching for his love and grace.
These codes are for a better operation and a uniformity operation, the committee requests the following.
  1. Your role at the Mandir is a volunteer position. This mean that you perform all duties on voluntary basis, of your own will and you will not receive payment for your work.
  2. As a volunteer to the Mandir and /or SSSMI you may be asked to perform duties commensurate with your skills, abilities, and availability.
  3. The SSSMI values its volunteers and will endeavor to provide you with a volunteer coordinator (supervisor), so that you have the opportunity to ask question and report to.

What We Ask Of Our Volunteers

We ask that you:

  1. Participate in all relevant induction and training programs if and when required.
  2. Operate under the direction and supervision of nominated coordinator or committee member and perform the activities with reasonable directions and instructions.
  3. Maintain punctually for your volunteering work, and perform your volunteering duties to the best of your ability.
  4. Counter service Volunteers requested to be at the counter anddon’t involve any other activities unless specified. Archana items (Flowers/Fruits) from stock room will be handed over by staff or Alter Volunteer.
  5. Keep confidential all information and materials concerning about the organization which you know or should reasonably know is confidential.
  6. Notify your volunteer coordinator, another member of staff or committee member of any hazardous situations that pose a risk to you or others and report any accident or incident relating staff or volunteers.
  7. Behave appropriately and courteously with respect and humility to both the staff and the public with whom you interact in the course of your role.
  8. Use any property or equipment given to you in your role only for purpose of the job and return it to us when you finish your volunteer role (or at any other time upon request)
  9. Let your coordinator know if you wish to change the nature of your contribution (e.g. hours or days) in advance so that your coordinator could arrange someone.
  10. Handle all the property with diligence care.
  11. Return any property and or confidential information belonging to the Mandir and /orSSSMI
  12. Remain focused in serving Baba at you best ability and avoid in gossiping and discussing personal matters within the Mandir parameter.


For the purpose of security monitoring, we use video surveillance equipment in strategically located internal and external areas of our premises. Cameras will operate continuously, and surveillance will be ongoing.
The SSSMI committee will take measures and terminate your volunteering relationship. If you fail to abide with the code of conduct.


Due to the nature of work at the counter the volunteers are requested to maintain a float of only 150$ at all times.
Note: The above points of conduct are a guideline and amendments to it can only be approved by the Sansthan board members.


We believe in protecting the privacy of our Users and take all reasonable measures to do so. To this extent, we have adopted a detailed Privacy Policy.

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